«A Child of Three Parents": Ukrainian Scientific Breakthrough»

For the first time ever a pregnancy resulting from completing pronuclear cytoblast transfer of parental cells to enucleated (nucleus-devoided) donor ovocyte has been achieved in Ukrainian clinic “Nadiya”.

This technology provides a chance of having healthy babies to women, having various defects in mitochondria, which is passed via female lineage and causes serious diseases (so called mitochondrial disorders), which, in turn, may be fatal or lead to physical disability. Mitochondria contain 37 genes, and their mutations cause a wide spectrum of disorders, from mental retardation and neuromuscular diseases to cardiac and vision failures. Prevalence of mitochondrial disorders makes up aapproximately 1: 5000. Also it is possible to apply the technology for patients with disorders of early stage of embryo-fetal development. One of these patients was the woman who firstly experienced pronuclear cytoblast transfer in the clinic. Despite that fact that pronuclear cytoblast transfer technology presupposes the use of donor mitochondria, the baby is actually a carrier of genes of three parents.

Participants: Mr. Valeriy Zukin, Director of Reproductive Medicine Clinic “Nadiya”; Ms. Iryna Sudoma, Scientific Director of Reproductive Medicine Clinic “Nadiya”, doctor of medical science; Mr. Victor Veselovsky, Medical Director of  Reproductive Medicine Clinic “Nadiya”, Mr. Pavlo Mazur, embryologist of Reproductive Medicine Clinic “Nadiya”.

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